Autostreamer BULK BUY! 50 Pack

Autostreamer 50 Pack

RRP: £1,650.00
Qty From Qty To Unit Price
1 £1,325.50
2 2 £2,555.55
Here we have our BULK BUY! special. A set of 50 Autostreamers with huge discount. Just select the cap type that you have and you'll have a set of 50 Autostreamers on the way!

The AutoStreamer Dribble Bar applies accurate amounts of liquid fertiliser through its unique auto-valve and four spaced openings along the bar. The flow rate of the AutoStreamer works in partnership with the in-cab rate controller and the operator can simply and easily change the flow rate from within the cab. No leaving the cab, no flow dials to rotate or slide.

Another advantage of the Auto Streamer Dribble Bar is that it is fully serviceable. Parts for the Auto Streamer Dribble Bar are available right from the cap assembly though to the Auto valve

The Auto Streamer Dribble Bar also has hooks either and so stablisers can be used to stop the Auto Streamers from rotating out of alignment.

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