Arag Electric Controls | Control Unit | Electric Sprayer Controls
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Modular 471 electric control, complete with in line filter, electric pressure regulating valve, main on/off valve and manual set relief valve.
Priced with bank of 3, 4 or 5 boom section valves with balanced returns

(Balance returns is for if one boom section is closed off the pressure in the rest of the boom remains constant).

The Boom Feed hose tails from your boom section valves come with either a set of 3/4" or 1/2"

Total  Length of 3 boom section version 550mm. add 50mm per additional boom section motor.

The valves are Electric Motors not Solenoids, therefore the reliability is much higher and the electrical power requirement is much less. These valves run on a 12v DC system with a 15amp fuse (supplied ready wired in the control box).

The boom section motors module (the bank of valves with the Blue stripe) can mounted remotely to you main on/off and reg valve
and joined by a 1" pressure hose to the rest of the controls this kit also includes extensions for the wiring of the boom section motors to.
(Maximum Pump output 170 ltr/min)

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