Cifarelli M1200
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The Cifarelli M1200 Mistblower

This NEW machine offers a number of modifications with the emphasis on ease of maintenance, this

enabling the operator to add the accessories if required. The controls can be adjusted and set without the

need for tools and all accessories purchased can easily be fitted with the supplied tool kit.  

Cifarelli has modified / re-positioned various components creating more power and air capacity extending 

the areas of treatment, and with an improved chemical control valve offering nine calibrated settings. This will help prevent any wastage of the products being used.

This versatile machine suits both the professional and DIY operator, providing a fast and efficient treatment, especially useful for height with a 16m vertical application (trees, roof structures, silos, animal keeping, etc) and 18m horizontal application (orchards, landfill sites, pest / vector control, etc)

Liquids (pesticides / weedkillers / disinfectants), granules (fertilizers / slug pellets) and powers can be applied with this machine and the conversion kit to achieve this is included in the price.

General areas of use are warehousing, agriculture (grain stores), horticulture (trees, shrubs, flowers),disinfecting in public areas, food production plants, sewage treatments, etc.

These machines have been proven to be very successful in the treatment of waste products and are

currently used by many waste management companies.

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