EF3 (EeziFit3) Twin cap assembly
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TwinCap bayonet caps improve spray coverage on difficult targets

when used with appropriate nozzles. They are suitable wherever

good spray coverage is essential, such as for potato blight and oilseed

rape fungicides, desiccation and blackgrass sprays.


Allows higher flow rates to be applied without increasing the nozzle

orafice size, allowing a finer spray quality to be maintained

Twin 30° inclines forward and backward offer improved spray

coverage on larger canopies and small upright plants

Holds any two ISO standard dimension nozzles

Can also be used with a single nozzle and a blanking nozzle (part

number 30KBLANK), for spraying in one direction with a 30° incline

Compact design minimises risk of nozzle damage

Fits most popular nozzle bodies including; Hypro ProFlo, Lurmark,

Teejet, Arag, Berthoud and Hardi

Manufactured in tough polyacetal engineering polymer or PVDF

(suitable for use with harsh defoliants and acidic spray solutions)

Quick and easy to assemble, no tools required. Comes complete with

sealing disc
(nozzles to be ordered seperately)

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