Hardi 1303 Diaphragm Pump
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•Three diaphragm positive displacement pump.
•Base plate incorporated in crankcase.
•Can rotate clockwise or anti-clockwise.
•Single grease point for lubrication.
•Dry sump to simplify maintenance.
•No special tools needed for maintenance.
•Polyurethane diaphragms and seals.
•Stainless steel bolts and plates for diaphragms.
•Cast iron crankcase and covers.
•1¼” suction port, 1” pressure port.
•Recommended to use HARDI suction and pressure dampers.
•Tapered shaft for tractor use with HARDI transmission shaft.
•Normal operating revolutions, 540 r/min.
•Maximum pressure, 15 bar / 220 PSI.
•Maximum vacuum, 0.5 bar / 7.4 PSI.
•Weight, 25.5 kg / 56 lb

The HARDI diaphragm pump with its simple construction and robust design is a very reliable pump. Capacities range from 15 to 644 l/min and pressures up to 25 bar. The diaphragms are made of a durable and chemical resistant synthetic material. They prevent the often abrasive and corrosive liquid from coming in contact with the precision machined parts. The valves are also manufactured in hard wearing and chemical resistant materials thereby keeping maintenance to a minimum. The crankcases and diaphragm/valve covers are made of cast. These pumps are self-priming, can be run dry and can rotate clockwise or anti-clockwise without risk of damages.Lubrication is easy with a grease nipple on the crankshaft or crankcases. The pumps have an inlet pressures up to 8 bar and maximum inlet temperature of 600ºC (some up to 900ºC). The design of the HARDI diaphragm pumps makes it quick and easy to replace the wear parts, such as diaphragms and valves without the use of special tools. The dry sump simplifies maintenance. The crankcase has a drain hole and any liquid discharge from this drain indicates a damaged diaphragm and the need for replacement.

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