Wind Speed Meter
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Skywatch Xplorer 1 Anemometer
The Skywatch Xplorer 1 Anemometer is a handheld wind meter ideal for all kinds of of outdoor sports and activities.

It calculates the instant wind-speed wherever you are. The purpose of this unit means that it is constantly exposed to the elements, therefore this device is highly durable and waterproof to ensure a long life.

The Anemometer is lightweight, easy to use and displays data in a clear and concise way. To obtain a reading, you simply hold the unit up to the wind. It provides highly accurate results, essential for monitoring the environment.

The Skywatch Xplorer 1 Anemometer has one mode of operation: instant windspeed measurement with maximum speed reached displayed.

Technical Specification
Dimensions: 41 x 93 x 17 mm
Weight: Approx 50 g
Units: km/h, mph, m/s, fps, knots
Resolution: 0.1 unit
Measuring cycle: 2 measurements per second
Precision: ±3%
Measuring range: 0-150 km/h

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